Exhibition Period: 2nd Aug 2019 to 4th Aug 2019

Opening Reception: 2nd Aug 2019 6:30PM

Venue: Leyden Gallery, 9 Leyden Street, E1 7LE 倫敦
Organiser: YunYi Arts & Culture
Sponsors: Instituto Cultural, Fundação Macau, Macau LifeStyle, Leyden Gallery

Introduction 作品介紹


插圖是用圖形表示一個真實的或是想像的世界,使用的技術包括陣列描繪,攝影到繪畫。它是用來傳達思想,感覺,事實,情感和情緒。生處於二十一世紀中, 插圖可以更有效地吸引我們的眼球從而創造環境,提供信息,增進了解和娛樂觀眾。藝術介漸漸意識到插圖藝術在這些不同的領域發揮的重要性.


雲霓一直致力推廣藝文普及化,除了不斷引入國際優秀的藝文活動到澳門,亦冀望能將本澳的藝術創作帶到世界各地。這次是一大好機會能把澳門的藝術與國際接軌,文化交流,極具意義. 此外,我們希望通過這個項目去創造更多插圖藝術交流的機會, 相互促進社區之間的網絡以及提供更廣泛的就業機會。


<<London X Macao Art of Illustration Exhibition>> brings together a total of 20 charming illustrators from Macau and U.K.. The exhibition will take place in London U.K. and Macau in August and December 2019 respectively.

Illustration is graphical representations of a real or imagined world, including an array of techniques used depict, photography to painting. It is used to convey thoughts, feelings, facts, feelings and emotions. . Its role is to attract attention, persuade, create context, inform, enhance understanding or entertain an audience.

Through this event, our goal is to create a network between a community of established and emerging artists providing them the opportunity to exchange information about new developments in their work field and to promote each other. At the same time through seminars and workshops held during the exhibitions, we hope to raise awareness of this particular art form to the general public.

It has always been YunYi’s main focus to collaborate with arts organization that is working to promote art and culture in and around Macau.  Our goal is to provide local artists opportunities to expand and grow in their careers, and to share their work with the general public on a large scale. Also to that end, YunYi brings together artists from Macau with international artists from every corner of the globe, in order to promote the intellectual sharing of ideas between all cultures. We hope through this project we will be a step closer to achieving our goal.

Christine Hong Barbosa

Founder & Director

YunYi Arts & Cultural Communications Association

About The Artist 關於創作人

Macau Artists

London Artists


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